oxygen free copper rod is produced by the directed conversion of high quality copper cathode LME Grade A with purity 99.99%, by melting and casting under strictly controlled conditions in order to prevent air exposure during processing. OFC rod has high thermal and electrical conductivity, higher workability and higher recrystallizations temperature than the normal copper rod. AL-AMANA Technology Factory is using the state of art technology for melting and casting of copper cathode, by fully automatic furnace and casting strands. Copper rod is used as copper conductor for different electrical applications, such as copper BusBar ,cables manufacturing, magnetic copper wires and other. OFC has the following properties which make OFC desirable for use in such applications: 1. High Ductility 2. High Electrical and Thermal Conductivity 3. Good Creep Resistance. 4. High Impact Strength OXYGEN FREE COPPER busbars are extruded and subsequently drawn rod sections or flats and produced from controlled high purity copper cathode, LME Grade A which guarantee high quality products. The extruded copper products find wide applications in electrical engineering equipment which require high efficiency , accurate and durable materials, such as switchgears ,bus duct systems, transformers and others. Their chemical, physical and mechanical properties, tolerances and/or limitations comply to variety of standards, as for example EN 13601 and ASTM B 187

standardAlloyCopper purity (%)
EN 13601
CU-OFE99.99 min
CU-OF99.95 min
diameter (Φmm)from 8 to 20 mm
packagingPacked in coil from wooden pallet
density8.94 g/cm3
melting point1083 oC
conductivity58 m/Ωmm2
Electrical properties (at 20 oc)
EN 13601CU-OFE58.6
EN 13601CU-OFE99.99 min
CU-OF99.95 min
bar size
thickness min 3 mm
widthmax 160 mm
packingOn pallets and or wooden cases of about 500 kg or 1000 kg
rod size
diameter (Φmm)from 20 to 65 mm
packingOn pallets and or wooden cases of about 500 kg or 1000 kg
physical properties
density8.94 g/cm3
melting point 1083 oC
conductivity58 m/Ωmm2