– Single Phase Type 1 and 2 tested (BS EN 61643) surge Protector for use primarily on mains power distribution systems to protect connected equipment from transient overvoltage.

Part noASP240/I/TT
TypeMains, Type 1 & 2
Nominal V240
Operating V Range275 Max (L-N)
Max. Current RatingN/A or 125A
Max. Surge Current 10/350µs (I imp)25kA (L to N); 50kA, (N to PE)
Nominal Surge Current 8/20µs (I max)25kA
Max Surge Current 8/20µs (I max)40kA (L to N); 40kA, (N to PE)
Let-through V (Up)<1.2kV @ I amp
LocationLPZ 0 -1or 1-2