We are providing a wide range of industry-best metal finishing solutions. We have developed our industrial electroplating processes that make use of various metals and metal alloys to achieve the desired result for our customers. The industrial use of electroplating is also a popular choice in businesses when corrosion against protection is necessary to prevent the premature demise of metal materials. Electroplating include use on electrical parts and components. Silver electroplating, tin electroplating for example, is often used on copper or brass connectors due to its superior conductivity. Electroplating copper can be extremely valuable in applications such as the manufacturing of electronic parts and components, as well as products used in the aerospace and defense industries. Copper is also widely used for plating on plastics and other non-metallic surfaces. Key copper electroplating benefits include excellent corrosion protection, high thickness build and heat treatment stop-off.

Busbar plating
LengthUp to 6 m
Plating materialTin or silver
Plating thickness1-20 microns
Earth rod plating
LengthUp to 3 m
Plating materialcopper
Plating thickness250 microns