Copper refining

This process is divided into two parts first part is called fire refining and the second part is called electro-refining. 1. Fire refining In this process mixed copper with deferent purity are molten in diesel furnace and then refining process takes place by making oxidation and reduction and adding some additives agent for refining. After finishing reduction we take sample for determine the concentration of copper and other impurities which must be containing copper higher than 98.5% After reaching this concentration the molten copper are casted into mould to be anode. 2-Electro-refining: In this process anode are arranged in tanks which contain electrolyte for purifying the copper in our company we use the most developed process For producing copper cathode which called ISA stainless steel permanent cathode Benefit of this permanent cathode • High mechanical strength • High dimension accuracy • High protection against corrosion • High current efficiency • Low long term electrical resistance • Low electrical energy consumption • Trouble-free operation because of the special plate finish • Highly durable for edge strip • On site maintenance of planks Refining process takes place by connecting anode and cathode to the direct current and electrolysis takes place This process takes 7 day to produce the copper cathode with purity 99.99% , CU-CAth-1

Copper Purity99.99%
Electrical Conductivity 58 MS/m
Dimension 870*920 mm
StandardsASTM B 115
weight backing40 kg 2 tons per package