We can help you increase your business agility by integrating your communications with your business processes, ensuring that information reaches recipients quickly, through the most appropriate medium.

As Cisco Unified Communications Specialists, we are ideally positioned to create secure business platforms that facilitate all of your networks Unified Communications needs. Our solutions:

  • create scalable business platforms that securely support your communication needs, protecting business-critical data as it travels across your network
  • improve communication flows, giving you the ability to access primary decision makers quickly, enhancing collaboration and improving employee productivity
  • simplify your network’s structure, making it easier to manage, and consequently freeing the time of your support staff
  • protect your network investment by creating a scalable network platform that can integrate with both your existing and future communication technologies
  • increase staff mobility by ensuring that your mobile and teleworkers have the same capabilities as your static workers

AT has chosen Cisco, worldwide innovators in Unified Communications, as our Strategic Business Partner, which means that we have access to the latest Unified Communications and Telepresence Technology. We will draw on our extensive technical expertise in order to determine which technology will serve you best, based on an in-depth assessment of your communication needs.

Our team will help you to prepare your network for convergence, allowing you to benefit from the simplicity and cost effectiveness of having a single communications network. Your business’ communication requirements will form the core of your network design. Not only will we design your solution to ensure that as Unified Communications mature you will be able to incorporate the best of the technologies into your existing network, but we will also go to lengths to protect your fundamental network integrity.

Our Cisco-certified Technical trainers can provide you with the necessary levels of knowledge transfer to ensure that your business is able to benefit from your solution at every level. We also offer you the ability to outsource your solutions' management requirements, giving you assurance that your business-critical communication mediums are both supported and secured.

To learn more about our Unified Communications solutions, please call us on 009661-2190433 or fill in an on-line contact form and we will call you back to discuss your requirements.


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