A secure, well-designed network infrastructure gives you an effective platform upon which you can easily add new capabilities where and when you need it most, in your own time, as your business develops.

At AT, we understand the need to create a secure network foundation capable of supporting your mission-critical applications, and we also understand that your needs can change. Our Routing and Switching solutions based on Cisco Systems products:

  • create a secure network platform which integrates and embeds security capability into the very fabric of the your network
  • protect against internal and external security threats by supporting an integrated, modular approach to your network security
  • improve business and employee productivity through the timely delivery of your network services, consequently enhancing operational efficiency
  • secure your advanced business applications, improving your ability to facilitate customer-centric services
  • regulate your networking costs by converging network and security services, and removing inefficient and unnecessary network devices
  • provide your business with a network foundation that adapts to your evolving business needs, such as wireless mobility and Unified Communication

Our secure networking solutions enable you to evolve your network both organically, at predictable, planned IT refresh cycles, and strategically – using what you have to deploy security where you need it the most. This approach enables you to protect your investment, simplify your network environment and ultimately improve your network’s security and total cost of ownership.

Our status as Cisco Partner is testament to our in-depth understanding of leading-edge networking technology. This knowledge, coupled with the extensive experience and technical expertise of the AT team is what enables us to create entirely bespoke and innovative solutions.

By conducting a detailed evaluation of your current network’s infrastructure, we deliver a solution that is best suited to your particular needs. You will also have the option to utilize the skills of our team for the proactive monitoring and external management of your entire network.

To learn more about our Routing and Switching solutions, please call us on 009661-2190433 or fill in an on-line contact form and we will call you back to discuss your requirements.