Whether supporting the needs of a single company or thousands of different clients, continuously-operating Intelligent Buildings and data centers are essential to the flow, processing and storage of business-critical information. Today's Intelligent Buildings and data center must deliver a defined set of services to users on demand, with little to no interruption.

This extreme service reliability is paramount to data center installations and must be addressed with high-performance infrastructure solutions that allow high density as well as ease of deployment and use. In support of the use of increasingly complex applications such as grid computing, content delivery, e-commerce and data backup, the need for scalable infrastructures, power and cooling, and higher bandwidth continue to grow - intensifying the demand for better connectivity solutions in the data center.

Intelligent Buildings harness technology and link building systems in order to supply more efficiency, higher productivity and increased comfort. The global trend among innovative buildings is toward a comprehensive infrastructure solution.

With Intelligent Buildings, all of a building’s systems, from Building Automation Systems and Communications Systems, to video surveillance and access control, are converged over the same, common infrastructure, providing an enhanced level of efficiency and cross-system performance.

AT has chosen SYSTIMAX Solutions , worldwide innovators in infrastructure Communications, as our Strategic Business Partner, which addresses these requirements with infrastructure solutions that are engineered for optimal deployment of mission-critical data, voice and video.

For our specialists, the highest quality goes without saying. They reorganize IT structures that have expanded over the years. They make Voice over IP possible through an already-existing network or in a completely new infrastructure. In short: They offer you professional support that you can count on - from the first analysis to the evaluation of economic efficiency up to the installation of one new LAN, WAN or WLAN.

The network is the basis for company communication - and our team ensure Intelligent Buildings and data center operations to become high performing and cost-effective.

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