:: Careers with AT

Since its conception, AT has built up a core of talented individuals who all share AT’ drive and ambitions. Driven by strong management, the Board of Directors have excelled at forming teams whose abilities complement each other, allowing them to tackle any challenge that is set. The management are also careful to ensure that the staff are recognised for their achievements, fuelling the ambition of the team. The end result is one of the most driven, talented and positive organisations in the industry.
Working for AT

For dynamic, talented and self-motivated people with the drive and determination to succeed, AT Limited offers exciting work, personal responsibility and a stimulating environment. AT uses targeted, competency-based selection processes to ensure that all successful candidates are of the highest quality. We recognise and reward those individuals who perform, enabling staff to earn exceptional performance incentives when agreed business targets are met.
Personal Development

AT recognises that training, skills development and staff support are critical to both corporate success and personal improvement. Training and development is supported by an in-house programme. Every employee career plan contains elements of specialised training, mentoring and general skills development, to ensure personal improvement and to bring out the best of the individual’s abilities.

AT are always interested in receiving CVs from candidates with skills in either the technical or account management areas. If feel that you are a suitable fit for our company, please send you CV through to hr@al-amanatech.com

Please note that AT already has a chosen recruitment partner, and does not solicit calls from any new recruitment agencies.